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James Hardie Siding Warranty Options For 2024

Investing on the exterior of your home can feel like an obligation. Who wants to look at a damaged siding, or worse, an ugly one. 

With that said, it’s expensive💸, and the least thing you want is for it to falter after just a few years, that’s where it becomes essential to pay attention to the warranty options that come with your choice of siding. 

In this regard, James Hardie, a renowned name in the siding industry, stands out for offering robust warranty options to ensure that homeowners enjoy peace of mind, with their investment  well-protected🔐. 

When it comes to siding, they offer two options. Here’s all about them.

HZ5® Product Zone Warranty

James Hardie’s HZ5® Architectural Panels come with a Limited Warranty of thirty years.

This warranty guarantees that the panels, from the date of purchase, will be free from defects in material and workmanship👷. 

The HZ5 products are designed to resist damage caused by hail or termite attacks, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

Who is Covered?

This Limited Warranty caters to the first retail purchaser of the product, the first owner of the structure where the product is applied, and the first transferee. It ensures that these covered persons can rely on the quality and durability of the HZ5® Architectural Panels with confidence.

The Warranty Process

In the event of a defect noticed during the Limited Warranty Period, James Hardie commits to either refund or replace the defective portion of the product. 

Alternatively, the company might reimburse the covered person for up to twice the original retail cost of the defective portion, ensuring that homeowners are not lost should any unexpected issues arise.

However, it is crucial to note that James Hardie will not refund or pay any labor 🧑‍🏭 or accessory materials costs. The focus of the warranty is predominantly on the material aspect of the panels.

Warranty Claim Protocol

For a warranty claim to be considered valid, the covered person must provide written notice ✍️ to James Hardie within thirty days after discovering the defect.

The claim must encompass detailed descriptions and photographs of the alleged defect. Additionally, proof of the claimant’s status as a covered person must be furnished.

The product must strictly follow James Hardie’s printed installation requirements and all applicable federal, state, or local building codes. Failure to comply with these requirements may invalidate the warranty claim.

What is Excluded?

Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, like with any good things in life, there’s some downsides, or rather, it’s not perfect.

Exclusions include improper storage, shipping, handling, or product installation damages. Additionally, damages resulting from neglect, abuse, misuse, acts of God (including natural disasters), lack of proper maintenance, and other specified conditions are not covered.

James Hardie’s HZ5® Product Zone warranty offers an extensive protection plan for homeowners opting for their architectural panels. 

With a focus 💡 on material integrity and a commitment to addressing any manufacturing defects, homeowners can rest assured of the quality and longevity of their investment. 

HZ10® Siding Warranty

We are not sure either why the five and the ten are part of the branding, but that’s irrelevant. We now focus on the HZ10® siding warranty, a testament to the brand’s commitment to offering quality and durability. 

This warranty is tailored to meet the unique demands of specific climatic zones, ensuring that homeowners receive a product and accompanying warranty attuned to their local weather conditions and environmental challenges.

Overview of HZ10® Siding Warranty

The HZ10® siding products come with a thirty-year Limited Warranty, echoing James Hardie’s promise of quality and durability. 

This one is particularly crafted for homeowners residing in defined product zones like Puerto Rico and several states within the U.S., such as Alabama, Florida, Texas, and others, ensuring the products are suitably equipped to withstand the specific climatic conditions of these areas.

Detailed Warranty Inclusions

Like its HZ5® counterpart, the HZ10® warranty covers material defects and guarantees the siding’s ability to resist damage from hail or termite attacks🐜. 

In the event of a defect, James Hardie, with sole discretion, pledges to repair⚒️, replace, or reimburse up to twice the original retail cost of the faulty portion of the siding, cementing the brand’s reputation for reliability and customer-centric solutions.

Warranty Claim Protocol

Claiming the warranty requires the covered person to notify James Hardie in writing within thirty days of noticing a defect. The notification should be detailed, supplemented with photographs, and supported by proof of the claimant’s eligibility. 

Compliance with James Hardie’s installation instructions and relevant building codes is a prerequisite for a valid claim, underscoring the importance of professional and compliant installation practices.

What is Excluded?

The HZ10® warranty, while comprehensive, does have its exclusions. These range from damages resulting from improper handling and installation to neglect, misuse, and acts of God, among others. 

This underscores the importance for homeowners to ensure proper installation and maintenance practices to retain the warranty’s validity and enjoy the full spectrum of its coverage.

The HZ10® warranty stands as a pillar of reliability, a well-crafted safety net ensuring that the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of your home’s siding is not just a present delight but a lasting experience. 

With a blend of quality materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and a warranty that underscores a commitment to customer satisfaction, James Hardie continues to set the pace in the world of siding solutions, assuring homeowners of a partnership that extends beyond the purchase.

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While they may not have a lot of variety, the quality of James Hardie offers exceptional coverage and durability. With warranties lasting up to 30 years on their boards and soffit, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing their investment is protected.

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