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Modern Siding: 9 Brands & Styles To Consider In 2024

So, you’re planning to give your home a refreshing, modern twist, and siding is on your radar. Well, 2024 has brought some sleek, durable, and eye-catchy siding options that you’ll love. We’ve got you covered whether it’s the quality, aesthetics, or longevity you’re after. 

Let’s explore some popular brands and styles turning heads this year! 😉🏠

Popular Siding Brands for 2024

gable roof on house with white horizontal siding

As we enter a new year, some brands are making a significant splash in the market. They’re the talk of the town for not just their quality but the elegance they bring to every home’s exterior. Let’s unwrap the offerings of some of these notable brands. 👀✨

James Hardie

If durability mixed with style is what you’re after, James Hardie has your back. This brand is renowned for its HardiePlank lap siding, which is visually appealing and engineered for a lasting impression. It’s resistant to weather extremities and doesn’t bow to the pressures of heat or cold. 

You’ll be spoilt for choice with their textures and colors that breathe life into every inch of your home’s exterior. They’ve mastered the art of blending performance with aesthetics. 🏠💪


Montebello is a name synonymous with elegance. They offer a range of contemporary siding options that are pleasing to the eye but built to last. What stands out with Montebello is their commitment to innovation. 

Each piece culminates extensive research and development to meet the highest quality and performance standards. If you want to add a touch of modern sophistication to your home, Montebello should be on your shortlist. 🌟👌


When it comes to variety, Norandex is in a league of its own. This brand offers extensive siding options to cater to diverse homeowner tastes and preferences. Each product is crafted meticulously to ensure it adds an aesthetic touch and enhances the home’s functionality. 

Energy efficiency and weather resistance are ingrained in Norandex’s offerings, ensuring your home is comfortable and secure, come rain or shine. ☀️🌧️


Kaycan has built a reputation for combining beauty, durability, and sustainability. They are committed to providing eco-friendly options, reducing your home’s environmental footprint. 

The brand’s robust color technology ensures the siding retains its vibrant look for years, fighting off fading and weathering gracefully. If you’re eyeing a mix of aesthetic appeal, longevity, and green living, Kaycan is your go-to brand. 🍃💚

Mitten Siding

Mitten Siding takes a special spot in the siding landscape for 2024. Known for its innovation and a wide range of style options, Mitten is all about transforming homes into visual spectacles. 

The brand focuses on quality and durability, ensuring your house looks stunning and is equipped to face the elements. With various colors and styles, Mitten makes personalizing your home’s exterior easy while enjoying top-tier durability. A Mitten-clad home is a blend of charm and resilience. 🏡✨

Modern Siding Styles for 2024

As we step into 2024, the aesthetics of home exteriors are witnessing a dynamic transformation. It’s not just about protection from the elements anymore; homeowners use siding to make powerful aesthetic statements, merging functionality with stunning visuals. 

The bold trends focus on textures, contrasts, and colors that breathe life and personality into homes. Let’s explore the trends setting the pace in 2024! 🏠✨

Fiber Cement Siding for Texture

One of the front runners in the siding trends 2024 is fiber cement siding. Homeowners and architects alike love its ability to offer a rich, textured finish, coupled with exceptional durability. 

Fiber cement siding imitates the appearance of natural wood, bringing a touch of elegance and warmth to the home exterior without the typical maintenance hassles of real wood. It’s resistant to termites, rot, and fire, marking it as a choice combining beauty and peace of mind. 

In an era where the blend of the traditional and contemporary is cherished, fiber cement siding is making significant waves. 🌊🏠

Vertical Vinyl Siding for Accents

The orientation of siding plays a significant role in the visual dynamics of a home. Vertical vinyl siding has made a grand entrance, offering a fresh, modern appeal. It draws the eye upward, lending a sense of height and space, making it a favorite for small and large homes. 

Apart from the visual appeal, it’s known for its easy maintenance and the array of colors and textures available. The vertical alignment adds an element of uniqueness, giving homes a distinct identity in the neighborhood. ⬆️🎨

Using Siding to Add Contrast

Contrast is king in 2024. Homeowners are exploring ways to use siding to create visually captivating contrasts. This trend sees the mixing of different siding materials and colors to accentuate architectural features and add depth to the home’s exterior design. 

It’s not just about a monochromatic theme; it’s a dance of colors and textures that tell a story of sophistication and modernity. Each choice in material and color is a stroke of the brush completing a masterpiece of visual appeal. The end goal is a home that stands out, with a character as vibrant as the people residing within. 🎭🌈

Colorful Siding Trends

Color trends in siding are shifting towards more bold and vibrant choices. The subtlety of past years is making way for homeowners to express their personalities loudly and proudly. Expect a rise in unconventional colors, each expressing creativity and innovation. It’s a celebration of diversity in aesthetics, where every home is an artwork displaying its occupants’ tastes, preferences, and imaginations. 

Whether it’s the serene blues, lively greens, or bold reds, every color is a voice articulating the vibrancy of life within the walls. 🎨🌟

Step into the Future With Elite Siding & Roofing

Stepping into a new era of siding trends requires a partner who understands the blend of innovation, quality, and aesthetic appeal. At Elite Siding and Roofing, we are your companions in this transformation journey. Every piece of siding is not just material but a step towards realizing your visual and functional aspirations for your home. 

Are you ready to enter a world where quality, innovation, and aesthetic excellence converge? Your journey to a mesmerizing home exterior is just a call away with Elite Siding and Roofing. Contact us, and let’s paint a future where every glance at your home is a moment of awe! ☎️🚀

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